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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 10, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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let not your heart be troubled. greta's next. any of you want to throw it out? go for it. right over there. >> this is a fox news alert, there is a big development in the penn state sex abuse scandal. moments ago, we learn thadz assistant coach mike mccreary will not attend saturday's football game, due to fears for his safety. the university just announced that. multiple threats have been made against mccreary, so the university decided it would be best for him not to attend the game against nebraska. mccreary said he witnessed former coach jerry sandusky sexually abusing a 10-year-old boy in the shower in 2002. sandusky is facing dozens of felony charges. we will have more later in the news program. tonight, governor rick perry admits he, quote, stepped in it.
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>> it's three agencies of government when i get there that are gone, commerce, education and the -- what's the third one there? let's see... oh, five. >> commerce, education and... the... >> epa? >> epa, there you go. no. >> seriously! >> is epa the one you are talking about? >> no, sir. no, sir. we were talking about the agencies of government -- epa needs to be rebuilt. >> but you can't name the third one? >> the third agency of government i would do away with, the education... commerce... and let's see... i can't. the third one, i can't. sorry. oops. governor rick perry trying to turn the spotlight back on the tough campaign issues of jobs, taxes and the world economic crisis. we spoke with governor perry about it all.
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governor, nice to see you, sir. >> hey, gret a. good to be with you. >> good. i can tell tease you, but i have seen you answer it a million times'd today. and frankly, i have had the same problem. so i live in a glass house. so i'm sympathetic. >> you know, it happens. i stepped in t. i tell people, listen, i readily admit that i stepped right in the middle of t. as a matter of fact, stayed in it for a while. there are a lot of people out there that... i think just like me, they think about an agency of government or maybe multiple agencies of government that they would like to forget about as well. that was going through my mind after my -- my tongue finally engaged my mind. as a matter of fact, we are having fun with it today. and you can go to my web site, rick perry dot org and give us ideas or tell us which agency of government you would like to
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forget about. we have had 2,000 hits on that site. the seriousness of it, though, is that the debate last night had some really good things that were talked about. i had the opportunity to lay out my tax plan and my how to balance the budget by 2020, how it get -- how it get the country going and put a sign in the middle of america that says "america open for business again." how we take that 20% flat tax and mortgage duction, charitable deductions, local taxes and get rid of cap gains and dividend taxes. take 20% of that and as a matter of fact, put it on a card this size right here. i'm betting even tim geithner can get his taxes in on time if we get this 20% flat tax put into place. that's what americans want to hear about. they don't want to pend their time. >> you say, have you ideas for
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your web site. here's one that might suggest to you that you tease the media, how much more time we replay that sound bite than the substantive things last night. i fear the results. i have one last question and then i am going to move on. what did you your wife say to you first? >> last night? >> i am curious. >> my wife said, i love you. >> she didn't tease you? >> no. she didn't. she said, look, i love you. she knew better than to tease me after that, i think. >> all right. anyway, okay, moving along. i want to ask but other things. let's talk about the economy. big news in the last couple of days of what is going on in italy and the fact that this has an effect all over the world. we have felt this weird thing in the past couple of days here in our economy, our market. now, if you were president, is there anything you would be doing right now about the economic situation in the euro zone? >> well, the thing that you would be doing about the entire
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world economy, just not the euro zone is putting tax policy into place, pull back regulations that are killing jobs in america. the entire world economy, as a matter of fact, the safety of the world fends upon america having a strong economy. we need to be opening up our lands and our waters for exploration of energy. we are sitting on 300 years worth of energy resources in this country. we have an administration that is blocking the use of it. you have the boeing story going on out there, where the nlrb is stopping a great, venerable american company from opening up and putting people in south carolina to work. i mean, those are the types of things that a president has to be doing, not dealing with them on the back end, but dealing with them on the front end. that's why this election is so important -- >> those are -- >> for 2012. >> those are big-picture -- things that you would do. i realize that, your commitment
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to those. but i am thinking more in the moment. is there anything in the moment that you it would be doing because some people are pretty nervous right now and they don't have the long-term vision to change the taxes and we will change the energy policy. a lot of people are worried right now and they are seeing the stock market through strange girages and their pensions are locked up. they are seeing their money going down. they don't have jobs right now. i am curious, would you be making phone call, talking to people, pushing something, what would you be doing? >> the message needs to be very clear that those companies that are too big to fail are too big. countries that are put bad public policy into place and run up a big sovereign debt, it is not america's responsibility to bail them out. we need a president that is sitting down, getting americans to work, getting this economy going. i will keep going back to that because that is the single most important thing that the
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president of the united states does, create a climate where job creators know that they are going to be able to risk their capital and have a chance to have a return on the investment. it is never too late to start that. i don't know whether this president believes in that or not, but the lm bottom line is, america does not need to be worried with bailing out a european country that has made irresponsible expenditures and then all of a sudden throws up their hands and say, oh, please, come save us. that is not our responsibility in the united states of america. >> all right. we are a government, more than one branch of government. the executive does need to help. i was rereading your book today. in one part, you said the washington republicans are unwilling to truly fight. i thought, if it was a president perry and he comes to washington and he has already insulted the republicans on capitol hill. he has a prob his hand. do you think that still? what's your thought on the republicans on capitol hill right now?
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how would you corral them and persuade democrats to work for you? >> i have been doing it for 10-plus years as the governor of the state of texas. but let me go back to a president of the united states, as i laid out three weeks ago, can get this economy going in this country, particularly on the energy side, without congress's... any word out of congress. unilaterally open up the federal lands and waters for exploration, pulling back on the regulations that are killing jobs, particularly in the energy side of the -- of the equation. rebuild theerce pa where it is an agency that is there to be of assistance instead of killing jobs. so there is a lot a president can do without going to washington to ask. i would do those. but the other side is that i will work with those men and women. >> are you saying that congress be damned? the things you want to do -- i mean, look, there is no secret, there is a log jam in the city. it's been a very painful one,
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goes on going on near for decades. but if you come to washington, maybe it's a good idea to call people to the carpet. but nonetheless, that's a problem that, any president has to do. you can be, you know, we need leadership, not a bull in a shine anda shop. but bee need someone who is strong. i am curious how you would accomplish that. >> i have been a strong governor in texas. they know what i believe in. they know that's work for the state of texas. and my instinct is that the american people, when they elect their president, they will be electing members of congress and new member to the united states senate. i think there is a wave election coming in 2012. i think that the american people are looking for men and women who are going to congress and the next president of the united states, that gets things done. and they're interested in the economic side, how are you going to get this economy going? how are you going to put a sign up in the middle of america that says, "america, open for
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business again"? that's the reason that the 20% flat tax -- as a matter of fact, i got it right here, it will fit on that card. 20% with mortgage deduction and charitable deductions, with local tax, get rid of the dividends and the capital gains tax, take 20% and mail it in. my instinct is, even tim geithner can get his taxes in on time with this. >> all right n. your book, also, you write in terms of the economy, there have been three big chances the republican in party history, one is president reagan's election, the second is contract with america and the third is election 20,000 when -- election 2000 when president bush came into office. but you are critical of president bush and the compassionate conserveatism and he didn't make the tough decisions, roadwaysing that he had 9/11, which is the intervening cause. but i'm curious, what makes you so different that you would
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accomplish so much more? >> obviously, the economy is very different in the world we are living in now. americans are looking for executive leadership that has experience of cretting jobs. there is not anybody on the stage on the republican side that can match my job creation record. while america was losing 2.5 million, we were creating over a million jobs in the state of texas. we understand you have to create an environment where the men and women who are entrepreneurs can risk their capital and have an opportunity to get a return on their investment. that's how jobs are created. and that's what americans are looking for, is that type of vision. we have laid that out with our tax plan on the spending side, the budget side and the tax side. >> do you take combo account, i understand the tax structure and how different it is, but you take into account that texas is rich in a natural resource that we want, which made it a better environment than another state, which is not so rich, without a
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lot of oil and resources of texas? >> you know, it's interesting since 1984, the percent of our gross state product went from a little over 14% in the oil & gas industry to below 7%. we have diversified our economy, putting tax structure into place and we passed tort reform that made a huge difference in the environment, from the standpoint of frivolous lawsuits. we put regulatory reform that creates a climate where individuals know they can risk their capital. that's why that happen in the state of texas, not because all of a sudden, people found oil in the state of texas. we are glad to have the oil that we have. that's not where the growth occurred. it's biotechnology and other technology and in manufacturing. we are the home of automobile manufacturers now that weren't there. -- ebay and youtube. >> let me ask you about that.
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if caterpillar wants to move there and youtube, you become president. i mean, they are not going to want to move to all 50 states. how do we accomplish that? how do you an economic policy so that we have a limited amount of business, apparently, right now? >> and the great things that need to happen is that a president recognizes that the 50 states are the ones that are out there, that should be competing against each other. we don't need one-size-fits-all policy with education and we don't need one-size-fits-all with environmental regulations. we ought to allow the states to make the right decisions. health care is a great example. obamacare may not work in rhode island the way it would work in oklahoma or new mexico. let the states compete and people will vote with their feet. and they will lose the men and women and the taxpayers. they will pay a price and then the people, the citizens of those states will make the
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decisions to get rid of those folk who is have kept their tax high and kept the regulations unwiley and that's how we need to get america back to where we have 50 laboratories of innovation competing against each other and the federal government can do a few things, like defend our border. but do those things very well. >> the border. i have been in a helicopter with you, looking at the texas/mexican border. i am curious, i am uncertain only because i didn't study as hard as i should have, i guess. your idea of education and illegal immigrants. and your idea of what should be done with the border that's not being done. both seem to have some sort of -- in some kay way, they will be competing for the same money. >> i said something at the orlando debate that was arrogant. i may have -- i thought i knew it all because i had been the
7:15 pm
governor. my wife said, what you said was insulting. i want to tell the people of america, you know, i do respect their opinions on this issue of illegal immigrants and the college tuition. and one thing i will promise the american people. is that within 12 months, within 12 mons of my inauguration, that border will be secure and it will be shut down. we will put the strategic fencing and the boots on the ground and the aviation assets in place and that border will be shut down and secure within 12 months. >> you raised the question, the statement in orlando. >> i am not suggesting that i know the answer to this. i only know, i am lucky, i get to can the questions and the compleasity -- education giso profoundly important. we want to give opportunity to everybody. how do we juggle those resources we have and how do we accomplish the common goals? for some reason, i have been
7:16 pm
there, i have seen how complex it is. i just don't, you know, i am so curious, though, what you would do differently than somebody else on education for illegal immigrants. >> that's the reason i said i was sorry for saying the comment that i made, that it was -- i think it was perceived as arrogant. my wife certainly perceived it was arrogant and she said it was insulting. i want the people who disagree with me on that day to know i'm sorry. but the issue is this: these previous administrations -- and this goes back for sometime -- have not discured the border. my commitment to the american people is to secure that border within 12 bhonz with the resources that we have. shut that border down and secure it. >> if you were head the justice department as president of the united states, would you shut down the lawsuit the justice department has now with the state of arizona? or do you agree the state of arizona's law is one that should not be enforced as
7:17 pm
unconstitutional and discriminates against people? >> texas has joined in amickus with them in that brief. i support states' rights. the sad part about it is that we are come with immigration policy because of the failure of the federal government to secure the border. that's the real issue here. to have a conversation about any of these issues,inal border is secure is only an intellectual discussion. i am not going to engage in those. i am going to stay focused on the most important thigs that the president -- things that the president of the united states is going to do, is secure t. i know how to do it. i have been dealing with this for 10 years. you put the strategic fencing in place and the boots on the ground and the aviation assets in the air and you can shut that border down and secure it. >> do you do it simultaneously with developing an immigration policy, whatever that may be for the people who are here illegal in the united states or do do you this in one step, first secure the border, then we will
7:18 pm
figure out what to do with na? or simultaneously? >> you do the border first. if you do not secure the border, you are wasting your time. that's my commitment to the american people. within 12 months, that border will be shut down, the illegal activities will be stopped and that border will be secure. >> governor, thank you very much. nice to see you. >> thank you, gret amount of we will be watching the race. it's an exciting race. >> look forward to seeing you, so long. >> it doesn't get more critical than this. our national security. what if the super committee fails. triggering defense cuts? senator lindsay graham goes on the record, next. there is more troubling information emerging about the penn state sex abuse scandal. could the case against jerry sandusky be link to the disappearance of a pennsylvania prosecutor? the latest. and protesters up on a campaign speech. and guess who got caught in the chaos of the protest? if you guessed representative
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>> senator lindy graham says if the super committee fails, the
7:23 pm
triggered cuts would shoot the defense department in the head. he says he will not allow that to happen. well, senator, nice see you. we are winding down the clock, thanksgiving is the day we are all fixated on one. $1.2 trillion over 10 years. are they row motely close? >> i hope so. we got $500 billion of new revenue. >> from where? >> we are selling land, increasing fees that the federal government charges. we are eliminating deductions in taxes from the few to the many. >> when you say fees, you call it fees, is it a tax? >> well, you charge for a service. >> so it is -- there is an increased tax for some service? any idea what the service is? >> i don't know what the committee's come up with, $250 billion of selling land that we know own, getting better lease rates. >> i am interested in the fee. the republicans have said -- >> you want to buy a lease from
7:24 pm
the united states government to drill, it's going to cost you more. >> you said, this is a game wash in play. the republicans will raise fees and call it -- not call it fee when is it's a tax. >> it's money that will go into lowering tax rates and paying down debt. but here's the problem. any time you raise taxes, it always winds up with more spending. we are not going to do that until you control spending. >> all right. if the event i. if they fail -- >> then there is there is an automatic trig wer cuts to defense and entitlement. you say -- >> here's what happens, if the super committee fails to meet their targets, then a trigger, a sequestration takes place, where $600 billion is automatically taken out of the defense department, $600 billion is taken away from medicare for doctors and hospital payments. you think it's hard to find a doctor now to serve medicare? takes $600 of pill -- $600
7:25 pm
billion out. you think the military's having trouble with cuts today? take $600 billion out. i asked secretary leon panetta, what would happen to the military if we cut $600 billion over the next decade, on top of the $400 billion? would we shoot ourselves in the foot? he said, no, we would shoot ourselves in the head. we would driveway the military. i am not going to let that happen. >> because the government couldn't come to a deal and the debt ceiling in august. it's a kick in the can, down the road to november. and this budget act. so let's say there is no deal, come thanksgiving. and now senator graham says it is want going to happen. there is an automatic trigger. what's your plan? >> the triggers are pulled on january 13. this is a typical washington deal. if you can't meet your targets in november and december of 2011, the triggers come into place in the new congress, january 2013. not for 14 months?
7:26 pm
>> yeah. so here's what senator graham will do. try to replace the triggers. try to find a way to save $1.2 trillion and not gut the defense department. i wouldn't say don't pull the trig or defense. i would take it off the table and try to find a new way to save the $1.2 trillion without gutting the defense department. >> the point of the trigger was -- was to make people do their job and put a gun to the head -- >> which was kind -- it was a good idea. but i'm a republican -- >> wait a second. if the trigger's not going to go into effect for 14 months, what kind of pressure is that? >> it's not that much pressure. but i'm a republican and believe that national security's the number-1 obligation of the federal government. i am disappoint in the republican party allowing the defense department to be put at risk. ronald reagan believed in peace through strength. i don't think the party of ronald reagan would ever allow the defense department to suffer if a politician couldn't come up with a target in terms of
7:27 pm
cutting spending the way this deal does. >> two things. i don't like the defense department being short shrift. i don't like the people who need medicare being short sheeted. and in august, the deficit ceiling fight when the white house and the house and the senate couldn't -- >> i know what -- >> yeah. >> if we can't hit our targets, we need to come up with a new way to find savings. how about cutting congressional pay 10%? how about making all of us suffer, not just the medicare people and the department of defense. how about an across-the-board cut, where everybody has to feel pain if we can't get our act together? >> you won't be popular for that. thank you, sir. coming up, breaking news in the penn state sex abuse scandal. one of the coaches is receiving threats. is there a scandal connected to the mysterious disappearance of a prosecutor? that's next. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition?
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with the citi thankyou premier card, with no point caps, and points that don't expire. get started at >> breaking news in the sex abuse scandal, rocking penn state. the university announcing that assistant coach mike mcqueary will not coach saturday's football game, due to fears for his safety. he says he witness the former coach jerry sandusky sexually abusing a 10-year-old boy, back in 2002. sandusky is accused of sexually abusing even raping some boys over 15 years. late last night, penn state officials ousted head coach joe paterno and the university's
7:32 pm
president. tonight, a plea from pennsylvania's governor to the student to stop the campus rioting. and theb the question arising tonight -- could the penn state sex abuse scandal have any connection to the mysterious sfearns 6 years ago of a pennsylvania prosecutor? washington times reporter nathan fennel is here. you were there last night and tonight. is the scene about the same or have things quieted down? >> good evening, gret a. it's much, much quieter here. no mess. my eyes are not burning tonight. >> it seems as if most of the police in central pennsylvania have joined us out here. it's a quiet, peaceful scene. >> we investigated the sfearns of a prosecutor in that area. tonight people are saying, is there any connection since his name surfaced in one investigation. is there any documentary evidence or anything to connect his sfearnses with the sex abuse
7:33 pm
scandal at penn state? >> at this point, there is no link. but it is a very bizarre situation to have a guy like that disappear. and then, take a look of the potential answers as to yelt investigation in 1998 didn't go anywhere. i don't think those questions will ever be answered. >> the emails have been pouring in about mcqueary, wondering why he is employed. we are getting the news, he won't be coaching saturday at the game. one of the reason, because he's being threatened and for his own safety. any more thought -- any more information on that? >> the threats are a new twist. but the board of trustees -- it became apparent, didn't want mr. mcqueary on the field. and a lot of people have asked, if joe paterno was fired for not going to the place police? why was mike mcqueary not fired for not doing the same
7:34 pm
thing? it's a fantastic question. a lot of people here would be surprised to see him on the field again. >> are a lot of people running for cover? it's really hard to believe, with sandusky's allegations, hanging out with little boy, taking showers. i find it very difficult -- even getting caught, according to mcqueary, raping a kid in the shower, i find it really hard to believe there wasn't a lot of people talking about him over the years and now people are running for cover? >> people are running for cover. it is really hard to believe. you know, in a football team, you work very closely with the assistant coaches and the staffers. you are together 16 hours a day during the season. it is hard to believe somebody somewhere didn't see something. i think that's one of the most troubling questions out of this whole saug amount of obviously, you know, he's a criminal if he did this. but people do this -- there are weirdos. it could be easy to spot.
7:35 pm
his reputation is that he was really strange? >> you know, that's the weird thing. vitalked to former players, guy who is worked with him day in and day out with the 16-hour days with him. they swear, they saw no signs that he had this part of his life. i think that's -- something that really bothers people and the former players and coaches are really trying to reconcile and find out who is jerry sandusky? >> nathan, thank you. >> thank you. >> have a good night. >> now to another disturbing story. major league baseball player has been kidnapped in venezuela. last night, washington nationals catcher, wilson ramos was grabbed from his family's home by armed men. police believe that he is still alive. the police found his suv in the kidnapping at the major league baseball player, but no sign of him. so far, no ransom demands. venezuela has seen a sharp spike in kidnappings. but this is the first time a
7:36 pm
major league player has been target. but in recent years, relatives of players have been held for ransom. he was scheduled to play in the winter baseball league. he is not a u.s. citizen, but our state department is closely monitoring the search for him. >> is it about to get harder for to you get a doctor? one willing to take you as a patient who, can spend enough time with you, who you can afford? senators and doctors are here with big warnings, that's next. what is thishorty? uh, tissues si i'm sick. you don't cough, you d't show defeat. give me your war face! raaah! [ male announcer ] halls. a pep talk in every drop. this is not how witness protection works! when we set you up with that little hardware store we didn't intend for your face to be everywhere. but fedex office makes it so easy. not only do they ship stuff, they print flyers, brochures -- everything i need to get my ne out there. that's the problem. now we need to give you a third identity.
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>> so what could put your health and your wallet at risk? but first, let's go to the newsroom, where marianne rafferty has the headlines. >> investors are reacting positive leto steps in the european debt crisis. the dow rose 113 and nasdaq was up 3.5 and sandpp gained 11, but
7:41 pm
not enough to gain from the 400-point drop. troubles initially and greece could spread to the u.s. alaska authorities assessings the damage after a massive storm on the western coast. hurricane-strength winds and sea surges flooded the shorelines. power was knocked out in 37 communities. one man has been reported missing. another storm is on the way, but it's expected to be much weaker. now back to "on the record." >> your health care and your money -- could they both be at risk? if youor medicare, or your parents or grandparents are, watch out. president obama's national health care law could pose a big danger. the senators are both doctors who have written their own version of the medicare
7:42 pm
handbook. senators, i should say, doctors, nice to see both of you. >> nice to see you. >> the government has a new 2012 book out. you guys have a competing medicare 2012. this is your book, is this a parody? >> you might consider it. it's much more truthful than the other one. >> in what way. >>? terms of describing what the obamacare legislation has done to medicare patients. >> how they took $500 bill whereon away from seniors on medicare, to object save and strengthen medicare, but to start a government program for other people and they will have unelected bureaucrats deciding who gets what care and who pays for it. when you go item by item why medicare is more at risk now in terms of going bankrupt, than it was before obamacare passed. >> so if i am clear, we were on an unsustainable path before obamacare's national health care. he -- he shepherded through the national health care and we are
7:43 pm
still in the unsustainable path. but you say $530 billion was taken out of medicare. where -- what was it taken from? where did it go? >> it's going to go for a innovation council, $10 billion. it will go to subsidize the state exchanges, mandated care that all of us will have to buy if we don't -- can't demonstrate that we haven't. so there is a subsidy. so we are taking money that people have paid into medicare, taking it out and subsidizing the care for people who have not paid into medicare. tell come out of home health care, hospice, hospital care, doctor care, physical therapy care, care for seniors, care that they need. it will be denying care and refusing care. >> is it fair to say in your opinion, it's out of services and more into administration? or bureaucracy -- is that a fair description? >> that's part of it. but the vast majority is going
7:44 pm
into other programs for other people for health care that medicare dollars weren't paying for to begin with. we have a problem. the hospital trust fund, by the most rosy scenario, if you assume we are going to grow 4 1/2 percent, everything you would not assume, we will be bankrupt in 2026. the conservative scenario of that, by medicare trustees is 2016. if you look at it, that's declining every year. it will be 2014 by 2013, so the trust fund that actually pays for your hospitalizations will be bankrupt in less than four years. that money came out of that trust fund to go for these other programs. so what are we going to do? go to the marks with the international financial problems we are scprg borrow money to pay for hospitalizations for our seniors? no. we are not. but we created all of these new wasteful programs and other programs in the health care that
7:45 pm
will take that money that should have been there and put it miles per hour else. >> it seems that is a problem we are going to feel in the near future, but not as january. a lot of doctors are going to lose a lot of reimbursement under medicare, which i assume will discourage a doctor from wanting to care for people. it's going to be harder to find a dr. or am i wrong? >> it's going to be harder for someone on medicare to get a doctor to take care of them, responsible if they move or their doctor retiebreakers it's much more challenging. >> i don't blame the doctors. frankly, you know you are both doctors, but it takes an awful lot to get to become a doctor. the merge of the paperwork and to get the fees reduced, it's hard to run an office. >> one, if you really practice medicine the way we are trained, there is no way you can pay your nurses and overhead on
7:46 pm
reimbursement. but they don't because medicare has such low reimbursement, they see way too many people to be able to afford to see the patients. what we sewel see is that going on down. you have a medicare plan, but if you can't get a doctor, do you have health care? that's happening across the country, the people who are turning 65 this year, becoming medicare eligible, half of them are having trouble finding a physician. >> even under the cut, if you find a doctor, under medicare nlight of the economic pressure we are putting on the doctors, they have to push you through quickly, so you don't get your questions worried and so i am not sure the level of care, especially if you get older and have health problem, the qualityee going to go down. >> as a consequence of that, when the doctor doesn't spend the appropriate time with you, what do they do? they order a bunch more tests to cover what they didn't get to ask you about, so that they make sure they are not missing anything.
7:47 pm
we increase all of this testing that is really unnecessary because we won't reimburse and recognize the value of a physician, relating to a patient and paying them for the time that they will spend with the patient. >> and the president uses the word coverage and care interchangeably, but they are very different. there may be a time coming very shortly where someone with a medicare card can't get care. >> what would the president say if he were standing here and listening to you? i assume he would say you are dead wrong. >> he would disagree. he would disagree. he would say, we had to do something. >> we have a problem. we all agree. >> one out of $3 in health care doesn't help anybody get well or prevent them from getting sick. that's a problem. why is is it there? the the government controls 65% and has mandated down price control where have you disrupted the market. i use the example, i cared for 300 omish ma'am families. they were the best purchasers in the world they wanted to know
7:48 pm
what something cost and what the risks of the test were, they wanted to know where they could buy it cheaper. they reconnected the purchase with the payment. so haygot great value. i gave them great value because i was happy to get paid and not have to go through the insurance company or medicare and file all the paperwork and everything else. so what we have done, we have -- we have two different philosophies. one is that the government's smart enough to run health care. we have proven that isn't right. and the obamacare expansion will destroy health care. i am not sure that's what wee they intended so they can run it all. number 2, we know that the quality of care's going to decline in the future unless we really put patients and physicians back together making the decisions. >> we are talking patient-centered care, that's what we want, care that's best for the patients, so the patients get the care they need from the doctor they want at a price they can afford. but this law is bad for patients, it's bad for providers -- nurses and doctors
7:49 pm
and it will continue to be terrible for taxpayers. >> senator, thank you, both. >> good to be with you. >> we have a programming night. tomorrow night, brett favre -- bret baier, the fight for iowa, looking at jimmy carter's iowa strategy. that's 10:00 tomorrow night here. you never know where the occupy wall street protesters will pop up. ask representative michele bachmann. you have to see how this one ended. also, could it be are the royal newlyweds headed for separation? that's next. @?ñ
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it's a smart way to go. >> okay. you have seen our top stories, here's the best of the rest. a campaign speech turns to chaos. protesters stop representative michele bachmann, mid-speech. [yelling commotion] >> sit down! [overlapping dialogue] >> the congresswoman was speaking about foreign policy in
7:54 pm
south carolina today and suddenly, dozens of protesters rose from the audience and started shouting. police had to escort representative bachmann off the stage, but she returned and finished her speech. she asked the crowd, don't you love the first amendment? and britain's prince william is getting ready for a ninety two new mission and he's being advised to bring toilet paper, by the royal air force. he will complete a six-week mission as a search-and-rescue pilot. the crew is being advised to bring their own warm clothes, toothpaste and toilet paper. the obama administration punts. the administration says it will study alternate routes for the controversial keystone xl pipeline, so a final decision will be delayed until after the 2012 election. they will conduct the 12 to 18-month study. the $7 billion pipeline project would bring oil from canada to refineries in the southern
7:55 pm
states. environmentalists warn it could contaminate the water supply. but the labor department says tell create jobs. the president supports the search for alternate routes. there you have t. coming up, did the unemployment rate in michigan just go up? the answer from someone you might not expect, is next. re's . the ts love it! [ male announcer ] it's endless shrimp today at red lobster. as much as you like any way you ke, all for $15.99. offer ends soon. my name is angelarapp, and i sea food differently. that make kids happy. and even fewer that make moms happy too. with wholesome noodles and bite sized chicken, nothing brings you together like chicken noodle soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. ♪ imagine me and you, i do ♪ i think about you day and night ♪ ♪ it's only right
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and we follow them up there to live by an unbreakable promise, stitched into every uniform of every captain who takes their command: to fly. to serve. >> greta: like a big job interview, lights, cameras here is conan o'brien's take on the debate. >> tonight republican presidential candidates held a debate in michigan. just what michigan needs, 12 more people looking for a job. >> okay that is your last call. thanks for being with us tonight. be sure to tune in to fox news reporting right


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